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Bridal Registry. . . .NOW at  LIVI & Company !!! Come in and register with us. . . get a $20.00 gift certificate!

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Thanks to all of you who helped us kick off our day today!!

Were you the friend of Livi who had your name placed on a one-of-a-kind piece of wall art from Rustic Branch when we caught your post on Facebook last night?

Maybe you were the local business woman who came back after that chair painted by our very own local artist, Lisa Lanier……couldn’t quite get it off your mind, and you decided it WOULD be perfect for your daughter’s college bathroom space.

Perhaps you were the wanderer who caught a glimpse of that awesome white coffee table that might just work for your friend who couldn’t rush over but would stop by a couple of hours later to take a look for herself! Yes, it was our pleasure to put that simple piece of paper with the glorious word “HOLD” on it! This one’s taken for now, guarded for eyes yet to be seen!

Many faces…..many steps.

Maybe you’re still awaiting your chance to stroll through our ongoing aisles in search of who knows what! (Right now’s a great time with our annual sale under way.) Regardless, we thank you for following us on these pages, and you should know we were blessed between the walls of Livi today! The stories continue with both large and small patches of time taken to share what’s what and what you know good (or in some cases, bad), and we’re all a bit different for having crossed one another’s paths. Such is life, and ain’t it grand!?!

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Hot, Hot, Hot! Anyone else ready for Fall?

Here’s your chance to shop great deals from wherever you find yourself today! We continue to be blessed with abundance at Livi, and with a grateful spirit, we’re offering our Annual Summer Savings to you with a twist!

Today through Wednesday, we’ll be posting photos from our vendors ON-LINE offering their very own special items, many at crazy low prices!!!! Yep, first time we’ve offered sale items ON-LINE BEFORE offering in store! Give us a shout at 229-435-0356 or on Facebook, and we’ll even be able to take your payment by phone. Out of town? No problem, small items available for shipping!

So, here we go! Your sneak peak at a few of the deals coming over the next few days! Stock up for Christmas, and grab one for the road just for yourself as we wrap up Summer!

 Wall Clock from Designs by Martin           Original Price: $159      One For The Road Price: $79.50

 Antique China Cabinet from Eddie Lee        Original Price: $395          One For The Road Price: $276.50

Mothers & Daughters Shutter Shelf         One For The Road Price: $30

Paddywack’s Antique Turquoise Bench      Original Price: $350      One For The Road Price: $210

Livi Retro Feather Earrings       Original Price: $36      One For The Road Price: $18

Sincerely His Leather Bracelets     Original Price: $12.99       One For The Road Price: $8

Livi Funky Coffee Table        Original Price: $169      One For The Road Price: $84.50

Eddie Lee Glass Cabinet      Original Price: $595      One For The Road Price: $357

Designs by Martin Sofa Table       Original Price: $699.95        One For The Road Price: $349.97

Rustic Branch Flip Flop        Original Price: $30     One For The Road Price: $15

Keep an eye out! More to come between now and Wednesday!!

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I really like to just jump in a truck with your backpack and just drive and go somewhere. ~Piper Perabo
Sweet, sweet Summertime! Road trip becomes the order of the day, and time flies out the window. Time to rest your soul and turn your face to the sun. See what the folks of Livi have been up to…….

You just have to see this bar to appreciate it! Awesome in an outdoor kitchen or porch! Loving it…..

You guessed it. It’s a bullitin board, handcrafted by the best!

Tables, desks, and more heading your way!

Did you mention needing a frame, or two, or ten?

We’ve been working on a few accent pieces….quick “pick-me-ups!”

Soooo, ya’ll need to come check out these skirts/dresses/drapes! Literally, 100 ways to wear it, and Lord knows it took me forever to give up and look at the neat little photos showing me “how to” wear it! Much easier to read the directions, but we stubborn girls can’t help ourselves. I’m officially in love with my very own dress, which with it’s many layered fabrics, looks like a new dress each way you wear it! I’m all about a bargain, and this one you can do in style!

So, before I could even post this pic, the creative chick behind it has already brought in a cute-as-pie chest of drawers……and it’s also a steal at under $100. Get movin!!

Oh, did I mention I’ve borrowed my hubby’s Father’s Day gift??? Oh, what fun a new camera is when it actually does what you want! I may just make this photo my screen saver.

I have to admit I’ve found myself captivated by some of the latest images at Livi. Something incredible happens when you surround yourself with talented, crafty beings…..it tends to rub off on you.


Lots of character….need I say more?

You guessed it! Rustic Branch has been at it again!

Beautiful stenciled chests…

It’s great to finally be able to share up close and personal photos of our beautiful jewelry! Allyson has been a busy bee!!

This scene reminds me of Trent’s Grandmother, and this desk would’ve had to come home with us when we first decorated at newlyweds.

Sweet twin bed….no, not everything is painted! Gorgeous just as it is….

Again, no need for paint!

Awesome accent tray table….bedside or chairside!

hmmm, hmmmm….talented people, indeed. Mosaic tile plus corkboard brings us a one-of-a-kind grab.

Your call! Rustic or traditional, eclectic or simply elegant!

‘Bout time to jump in that old truck and see what you can find! Set your sites on the journey at hand, go fearlessly, and travel with only those who will truly enjoy the road with you. Why would you go it alone when you can have someone to share your cotton candy with! See you at Livi!

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  Buy, buy, says the sign in the shop window; Why, why, says the junk in the yard” ~Paul McCartney

Exciting times at Livi as we continue to evolve! Self-proclaimed “works in progress” ourselves, we relate well to the castaways of yesteryear that are finding new life today amongst our many finds. If you need a break from the hot Summer heat, now’s a great time to revisit your faves and take a peek at our newest members of Livi!


I want it, I want it, I want this table!!!

Rustic Branch is always in season! Dull Door be gone!


A pop of red is good for the soul…..

Yes, this sideways vintage leather chair does have a mate, and is much more easily seen right-side up in the store! LOL. (Cameras do not always cooperate with me!!)


Antique buffets in good shape with a taste of character are becoming harder to find! Won’t last long!

If it were up to my daughter, we’d find a way, (some way, any way) to put this one in her room! Fun color!

They made it in for Mother’s Day and Graduation, and they continue to be a huge hit! More on the way!

Painted, simple, and just in from one of our newest additions to Livi!!

And, yes, I do have a Tshirt fresh from this lively spot! Love it and get compliments every time it graces my back…..talks a bit about courage.

Just the right punch of red!! We have the pair, and what show-stoppers they are!

I’m always in trouble here! Precious outfits just right for our two nieces!

Polka dots anyone?? Cute as can be, with more updates just around the corner!

We’re hittin’ the road in June, July, AND August in search of, well, of whatever we can’t resist bringing back to good ‘ole South Georgia for you to find, dig in, and possibly add to your own mix of fabulous finds! In the meantime, be sure you only take home things you love……life’s too short to be surrounded by stuff you hate to look at every day!!!

Be Blessed, and Enjoy Your Journey! Shonya

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It’s Christmas!

With Christmas music heard overhead, Santa Clause shouting, “Merry Christmas,” and our children giddy with excitement, there’s no doubt Christmas is here! As a small retail business, we rely heavily on this time of year to carry us through some of our slower months. With that said, I have a special request……

We say it every year…let’s remember the real reason we celebrate Christmas….let’s not get caught up in over-spending…..let’s enjoy and treasure moments with our children and family. This year, it has hit me in a slightly different way.

Let’s not leave the baby in the manger after Dec. 25.

He didn’t stay there. Why do we sometimes leave him there? He grew, he thrived, he healed, he deserves so much more.

Yes, it is a magical time of year!!! Yes, I do believe! I believe in the simplicity of the season….underneath all the flashing lights, sales signs, and rush to get “it” all done! I believe in Santa reminding us about the gift of giving! I believe our children deserve to see past the cuteness of the season and into something, someone they can truly cling to now and later in life!

Thank you for sharing part of your Christmas season with us at Livi! My family is blessed to have a glimpse into your life. As you seek to find the perfect gifts for those on your list, it is my prayer that you also find the absolute gift….the gift of life given in the birth of Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas!



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Sights of Livi

A great time was had on Saturday as we shared the day with all who stopped in! Thanks for sharing our 4-year anniversary! Our newest members of the Livi crew are still moving in, and lots of new finds are floating in daily! Check out a glimpse of what’s in……

Fall and Halloween bows have arrived! Just in time for those new outfits!


Precious table from Paddywack’s! This one almost went home with not one, but two folks on Saturday! Won’t be her long..


Welcome to our newest designer! Just a glimpse of what’s to come, including more one-of-a-kind lamps!


Yes, those are handpainted jeans. Grab your own jeans and decide on a design! You won’t see your jeans on someone else, for sure!


Terri Myers has done it again! Awesome chair and ottoman perfect for small spaces.


Spooky pumpkin for any room or door in your home!


One of many new Tshirt designs….owls have always been one of my favorites, and now they’re popping up everywhere!


Beautiful artwork all around…


Some of our all-time best sellers are back in! Eddie Lee has rearranged and revamped….catching lots of second glances.


Awesome bench from P53 perfect for Fall evenings!


Posh Peacock has perked up for Fall!


Can’t a girl always find a place for the perfect little table? The color does it for me!


They don’t make ’em like this any more! Antique high chair ready to be painted or left in original condition!


Make this look yours!


Festive accessories in for the holiday!


Two hangers in one. Flip over for different message!


We never know what’s coming in!


Brings new meaning to the saying, “When pigs fly.”


New designs from Rustic Branch are at Livi!



Beautiful accessories aound every corner…..


One gal’s junk……I’ll never understand taking the rust off and refurbishing….I love the rust!


Yep, that’s one great big pumpkin! Locally hand-made and picked!


I have come converting to do…..as I pulled into the Livi driveway with our 5-year-old son, he asked what all the mess was for! This is a shot of one side of the “mess.” Like I said, one gal’s junk……


I’ll fly away oh glory, I’ll fly away! I couldn’t resist these iron angel wings….can hardly wait to use them during the Christmas season!


Designed by Jason Tedder, this planter is a show-stopper!


The perfect little totes in just the right colors!


Always a favorite, Lisa Lanier’s pumpkins come and go just as quickly!


Who can resist a pair of old mocassins? Whether they’re hanging for Fall, or you’re wearing them for Halloween, they are awesome!


Come by and pick  up your own Livi cup…our gift for our during October! Don’t worry, if you already have enough cups, Gates and Raven have already decided we need at least another 50, so they’ll all find a good home eventually. Now, on to prepare for Christmas Open House! That’s right, it’s just up the road a piece…Nov. 8th to be exact. Stay tuned for details!

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